The Doghouse

Introducing the latest Edition to the UTTE Family: “The Doghouse”

What the “The Doghouse” you say??
Well it’s all in the Title isn’t it??

A Portable Trailer you can take anywhere when you’re in “The Doghouse” with the partner, or if you work away from home or it can just be a Portable Mancave.

  • 300AH of Batteries
  • 250W Solar
  • 24″ 12v TV
  • 15 Ltr Fridge Freezer
  • 22 Ltrs of Water
  • 4kg Gas Bottle
  • Slide out Quick Connect Gas Cooker
  • Internal and Wing Lighting
  • 4 USB Outlets on Custom Switch Panel
  • Anderson Plug for vehicle charging
  • Roof Vents for air circulation
  • 1000w/2000w Pure Sine Inverter
  • 140mm Mattress, with Pillow, Sheets and Quilt for Ultimate Comfort
  • PlayStation ready for a few sneaky games. (NOT INCLUDED IN THE STANDARD PRICE)

Off Grid Hero

8×5 Tandem 3200kg dual axle electric brakes

Central Locking & Lots of Lights inside & Outside

Built-in Shelves for easy storage with epic amount of Lights to see at night

  • A Solar Panels to keep you batteries charged,
  • Switch Board with 12V Cig, 2 USB Port & a Volts Reader,
  • A Microwave & A Kettles to heat up your lunch and make yourself a cup of coffee,
  • Plenty of room for a 80L Fridge to cool your food and your sneaky knock off drinks
  • 6x150AH VRLA Batteries
  • 3.5KVA continuous with a 6KVA Peak Inventor

Plenty of Water to drink and to wash with a 60L Water Container tuck up nicely under the trailer

Welcome to UTTE

Ultimate Tradie Trailer Engineering

Ultimate Tradie Toolbox Engineering

Trailers built for hard working Tradies, for easy towing, access to your tools, on board power source and lock up storage. All equipped with Central Locking, Alarm System, GPS Tracker & Trailer Lock for piece of mind.
Each style trailer also comes in different size options:

Single Axle:
6×4 – 750kg
7×4 – 750kg
7×5 – 750kg
7×5 – 1250kg

Dual Axle:
7×5 -2000kg
8×5 -2000kg
8×5 -3200kg
10×6 – 2000kg
10×6 – 3200kg

You have 3 styles trailer to choose from or you can customise your trailer to your needs.

The Solo Trailer:
– Electrical Fitouts:
– Interior LED Lights Strips
– 1000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
– Single Battery Set Up
– Anderson Plug – For Charging

The On Site Trailer:
– Electrical Fitouts:
– Interior LED Lights Strips
– 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
– Dual Batteries Set Up
– Solar Input
– Reverse Camera
– Anderson Plug – For Charging

The Off Grid Hero Trailer:
– Electrical Fitouts:
– Interior LED Lights Strips
– 3000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
– Quad Batteries Set Up
– Solar Input
– Reverse Camera
– Sound System
– Anderson Plug -For Charging
– 80L Fridge
– Microwave

– 60L Water Tank:
– Gravity Feed Water
– 8LPM Pressurised Water
– Filtered Drinking Water

  • 240V inlet for charging & powering trailer

Customised Trailer:
Pick and Choose what you want and need, and we can make your on site dreams come a reality

Ultimate Tradie Toolboxes also come with very similar systems.

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