The Doghouse

Introducing the latest Edition to the UTTE Family: “The Doghouse”

What the “The Doghouse” you say??
Well it’s all in the Title isn’t it??

A Portable Trailer you can take anywhere when you’re in “The Doghouse” with the partner, or if you work away from home or it can just be a Portable Mancave.

  • 300AH of Batteries
  • 250W Solar
  • 24″ 12v TV
  • 15 Ltr Fridge Freezer
  • 22 Ltrs of Water
  • 4kg Gas Bottle
  • Slide out Quick Connect Gas Cooker
  • Internal and Wing Lighting
  • 4 USB Outlets on Custom Switch Panel
  • Anderson Plug for vehicle charging
  • Roof Vents for air circulation
  • 1000w/2000w Pure Sine Inverter
  • 140mm Mattress, with Pillow, Sheets and Quilt for Ultimate Comfort
  • PlayStation ready for a few sneaky games. (NOT INCLUDED IN THE STANDARD PRICE)